Here i am

Here i am, sitting in the one of crowded shopping mall accompanying with a cup of chocolate tea. I never imagine that i have to spend my time by being here. First, i am coming here to do my project but i am stuck right now because i can not do that thing. It have been 3 hours since my coming here, but i can not get anything. Second, i have another planing to do my essay but can not get an idea. Finally, i remember with this blog and start to write.

Actually, i have made this blog a long time ago, about last may 2016. At that time, i had a planning to start my writing to this blog but i never do this. and finally i decided to write my first blog right now. I am trying to write my activity or story of my life in English. I try to use this language in case to increase my English. I am so sorry if my English is still not good enough, but i keep learning until now.

this is the end of my first story. i will try to write other story to you. Hope you enjoy my blog. (^_^)

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